Sambaa Deh Art In the Park

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October 13, 2022

Visitors shared in local traditions when Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) hosted an Art in the Park event at the Sambaa Deh Territorial Park (Dehcho Region) for the afternoon of Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Mary Jane and Gilbert Cazon, owners of Tourism Operation K’iyeli Services, opened the event with a traditional fire feeding ceremony. Introductions were followed by a complimentary fish fry hosted by the Park Operators.

There were approximately 22 people in attendance; both NWT residents and international travellers.  Seven of those attending took part in the Moose Hair Tufting Workshop - honing their skills for this indigenous art with the teachings of Jean Marie River resident and NWT-registered artist, Lucy Simon.

Two of these participants from Switzerland thanked the instructor and their group as they were able to take part and spend three hours getting to know the culture, people and the area, “this in itself was an unforgettable experience.”

Gilbert & Mary Jane Cazon of Kyeli Services lead the Fire Feeding Ceremony.


The Ceremony was followed by live music played by Wesley Hardisty, of Fort Simpson, NT, solo on the fiddle.


Lucy Simon of Jean Marie River leads the group by instructing how to make Moosehair Tufting Barrette.


Two participants from Switzerland were happy with the results of their afternoon project! A keepsake to take home.


Moosehair Tufting Before...


Moosehair Tufting After...


Visit NWT arts for more information about traditional moose and caribou hair tufting.


The group finished the day with a fish fry luncheon prepared by the Parks Staff, took in the live fiddle music and shared stories of the Dehcho Region and the Culture.


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