Sowing the Seeds for Budding Gardeners

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April 29, 2022


Industry, Tourism and investment (ITI)’s Dehcho Region hosted Feed the Garden! Dehcho: Compost and Soil Learning gathering in March. The Workshop was well attended by 12 people from Fort Simpson and Sambaa K’e.

Participants learned about soil fertility, soil mixing, composting, garden planning, creating an action plan for the 2022 growing season, and hands-on learning on how to build a composter.The workshop was facilitated by Ecology North’s Dawn Tremblay, and ITI Agriculture specialist Kim Rapati.

Tim Tomcyznski, from the Hamlet of Tulita, relayed the success of their community composting program and shared some tips on setting up similar programs.

Franziska Ulbricht, owner of Madeline Lake Gardens, shared her knowledge of natural fertilisers including fish fertiliser. Her blog also goes into detail about the process as well as other natural growing ideas.

Kyle Thomas, co-owner of Bush Order Provisions, talked about his business, how they started and gave tips on the business of growing good food and good customers.Helen Green of Greenwood Gardens chatted about how to start small and grow into a full time gardening business. Sharing her experiences of doing the same. Check out her Facebook presence here.

Amy Maund started Laughing Lichen in 2010. The operation has now extended to a wholesale international market. She talked about the their focus on sustainable forest products and how the company is always looking to expand staffing and interest through internships and community training sessions.

Alex McMeekin of Riverside Growers explained their focus on a small number of crops, and targeting larger retail markets like grocery stores and restaurants. Check out her Facebook presence here.


Dawn Tremblay, Executive Director of Ecology North discussing community composting processes



Kim Rapti, Agriculture Sector, HQ, GNWT, gives a lesson on worm composting to participants. From left to right, Kim Rapati, Ruby Jumbo, Shannon Jumbo, Kathryn Scott, Claudia Bitner.


Because the workshop received such good feedback from participants, the Region is planning on hosting a follow-up workshop in early summer 2022 to assist participants with planting, with the hopes of more attendance from communities in the region.



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