Strong Showing for NWT Fur in Helsinki

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March 19, 2018

Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs (GMVF) from the Northwest Territories (NWT) held strong at a recent auction in Helsinki, Finland with CND sables/NWT marten averaging $76.25 with the top lot selling for $365.40. NWT lynx averaged $110 with the top lot fetching $453.60. Meanwhile, NWT foxes also sold well: white fox averaged $45.10 with the top lot selling for $73.08 and cross fox averaged $42.60 while the top lot sold for $63.00.


Overall, the last two auctions have realized sales of $368,970. (CAD) for NWT trappers.

For more results, see: Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

With key markets in Russia and mainland China experiencing political and economic uncertainties, European buyers were targeted heavily says Francois Rossouw, Fur Marketing Specialist with Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)’s Economic Diversification Division.

“The marketing strategy to sell our furs in Finland is, without question, the best possible move for our industry. Many buyers were very happy to see wild fur back in the European auction system. We are also targeting new international markets such as Korea. Fur is more fashionable than ever. Once our main markets stabilize, prices will take off again. Demand is there.”


NWT wild fur is harvested by trappers in the NWT and marketed and sold under the GMVF brand to international markets through auction. The GMVF brand is showcased at all major fur fairs around the globe and is known for its quality.

Thanks to a longstanding GNWT investment in supporting programs and trapper training, these furs meet a stringent standard of excellence that has become world renowned.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources works with ITI to deliver the GMVF program to trappers.

The final auction of NWT furs is scheduled for May 24, 2018 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.