Tourism Development Officer Steps Up

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August 2, 2019

If you live in the Dehcho chances are you’ve seen Stephanie Hardisty around. 

In her capacity as Tourism Development Officer for the Dehcho region she’s been boots on the ground promoting the incredible region she calls home. 

Originally from the Greater Toronto Area, Hardisty thought she should explore her own country.  Having already travelled the world with Celebrity Cruise Lines, she came north a little over 7 years ago. Like many who have made the journey, she immediately fell in love with Fort Simpson. 

Stephanie recently accepted a one year transfer to Manager of Tourism and Parks for the Dehcho Region. In this capacity she will be able to continue her work promoting the Dehcho as the “Kingdom of Mountains” to inquisitive tourists and help local operators to expand their offerings with her knowledge of ITI programs.

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In this role, Stephanie will be the leading source for communities working on big tourism-related projects, those looking to start tourism businesses, and operators looking to access programming designed to improve their businesses.  

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Expect her and her small team to travel to events to promote the Dehcho, and the NWT as-a-whole, as a spectacular place to visit. In tempting more tourists to the region, Stephanie and her team will help diversify the territorial economy – providing new opportunities for people to find good work and start new businesses in an exciting industry.

Through this work, they support the GNWT’s Tourism 2020 strategy – the development strategy which has seen the NWT’s tourism industry grow to more than $203 million in annual value.

Stephanie’s team is one part of a dedicated regional tourism development team spanning all five regions of the NWT.