Tourism a Hot Topic at Dettah Career Fair

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May 27, 2019

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s booths were popular stops at the 11th Annual Career Fair on May 10th, hosted by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

More than 300 visitors from N’Dilo and Dettah attended the fair to hear and learn more about a variety of career opportunities in the NWT. 

Young trade-show-goers chat with ITI Representatives on the numerous opportunities available to them. Photo: Douglas Dillon.  


Aboriginal Tourism Development Officer, Douglas Dillon, organized ITI’s tourism booth to highlight Indigenous cultural tourism with success stories and possible career paths.

ITI staff shared materials including: The NWT Park’s Roads and Campgrounds Guide, A Guide to Tourism Careers in the Northwest Territories, the NWT Explorers’ Guide, and the Tourism Programs and Services Catalogue

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Industry leader Bobby Drygeese of B. Dene Adventures discusses opportunities in the tourism industry with trade-show-goers.


The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment has long recognized that healthy educated people are critical to a vibrant and diverse economy.

Engaging and matching students with career and employment prospects encourages them to stay in the North and build the NWT’s resident work force.  As young people take their place in the workforce, they will invest in their communities, our Territory and the economy.