Royalty Regime Review and Engagements

As part of ITI’s work to develop the regulatory framework for the new Mineral Resources Act (MRA), the Department committed to facilitating a broader discussion on the Northwest Territories (NWT) royalty regime. Royalties are directly linked to the profitability, and therefore viability of resource development projects in the NWT.

Reimagining of our government’s fiscal framework around royalties is one that deserves a comprehensive, collaborative, and deliberate approach. Considerations alongside royalty revenues include corporate taxes, property taxes, income taxes and employment taxes received from NWT mines. The Department also needs to consider the economic value of employment and procurement opportunities provided through Impact Benefit Agreements, Socio-Economic Agreements, training, exploration, and other activities.

Engagements for the Resource Royalty Regime will be held alongside engagements for the MRA Regulations, beginning in February 2022.