Artist to Market Program

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The Artist to Market Program (AMP) creates economic opportunities for NWT artists to showcase their talents and sell their work outside of the Northwest Territories (NWT).

These opportunities include activities such as markets and events outside the NWT where consumers come to see and purchase work directly from artists. AMP opportunities are the result of partnerships established between the NWT Arts Program and partner organizations outside of the NWT. 

AMP works to:

  • Provide funding for chosen artists to take part in the group opportunity;
  • Provide assistance for planning, travel, and support during the opportunity; 
  • Provide professional development to help NWT artists prepare to showcase their talents to a non-northern audience;
  • Set up networking opportunities to help artists connect with clients, collaborators, and supporters; and
  • Raise the profile of art and fine craft made in the NWT and increase the demand for these works in the marketplace.

Funding Available

AMP is a project specific funding program that takes a group of NWT artists to an out-of-territory activity.

  • Successful applicants will receive funding for group airfare and accommodation costs.
  • Baggage/shipping of product and ground transportation costs related to the project will be reimbursed after the project is complete.
  • Funding does not cover meals, incidental costs, or taxes.


Applications are accepted on an on-call basis throughout the year. Deadlines will be specified in the call.


To see a list of current calls,


Applicants must:

  • be in good financial standing with the Government of Northwest Territories;
  • show that they are resident in the NWT at the time of application; and
  • be registered in the NWT Arts Program. This is to show their commitment toward producing art for commercial purposes.

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee according to a published grading rubric.

Applicants will be notified in writing of their approved application within ten (10) days of approval being granted.

Applications must be approved before beginning the activity. Costs incurred before the date of application approval will not be considered.

Further eligibility criteria will be opportunity-specific and will be identified in the call for submissions at:

How to apply

To complete the application process, applicants must:

  1. Complete an application form and include requested photos
  2. Questions and application packages can be addressed to the NWT Arts Program: