Pat Kane Photo, Camera Person Filming in Arctic

NWT Film Rebate Program

The NWT Film Rebate Program was developed by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) in response to a recommendation of the NWT Economic Opportunities Strategy (EOS), which identified the film sector as a priority area in which the Government of the Northwest Territories could invest and create viable economic opportunities.

The Program will provide incentives to productions filming on location in the NWT. Program categories include financial rebates for the purchase of goods and services, travel to and within the NWT and wages for the training and hire of local residents, particularly in recognized film industry positions.  The program also includes an increased incentive for productions filming outside of Yellowknife, to encourage film activity throughout the NWT.

Production companies are encouraged to submit their proposal packages to the Northwest Territories Film Commission Office.

Program Categories


1. NWT Labour/Training Rebate

  • 25 percent rebate for eligible NWT Labour.
  • An additional 15 percent rebate for Recognized Positions or for NWT Resident candidates receiving on-set training.

2. NWT Expenditure Rebate

  • 25 percent rebate for all Goods and Services that qualify as NWT Spend purchased and consumed in the NWT.
  • An additional 15 percent rebate for Goods and Services for productions shooting outside of Yellowknife city limits.

3. NWT Travel Rebate

  • Ten percent rebate for travel to and from the NWT from anywhere in the world.
  • 35 percent rebate for travel within the NWT (excluding aerial photography).

Please note: Travel costs for a non-NWT Residents may not be eligible in cases where a qualified NWT crew member could have been hired instead. NWT Travel Rebate amount may not exceed $15,000 per production.

For more information or to apply for the program, please view the program guidelines and application below.