‘Towards Net Zero’

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May 2, 2022

ITI officials attended the First Nations Major Project Coalition (FNMPC) 2022 conference in Vancouver April 25-26.  ‘Towards Net Zero’ Focused on Indigenous leadership in the energy transition.

The event brought together Indigenous leaders, industry experts, policymakers, and investors from across Canada to address carbon-reducing projects in four key areas either Indigenous-led or with a strong potential for industry-government-Indigenous partnership.

Panel discussions covered varying aspects of critical mineral and energy transition projects including liquid natural gas and carbon capture. Sustainable financing and traditional values; ensuring there is an Indigenous lens incorporated throughout Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) indicators; and equity partnership were re-occurring themes throughout the conference.

These conversations were very timely as Industry Tourism and Investment (ITI ) is collaboratively building the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) Critical Minerals Action Plan. 

ITI hosts Workshop on Critical Minerals

Minister's Speech: Caroline Wawzonek: Critical Minerals Workshop November 2021

Additionally ‘Towards Net Zero’ highlighted the importance of opening conversations with indigenous governments on how the NWT’s ESG advantage can better serve the territory’s Indigenous governments in their relationships with companies operating in the Natural Resources sector.   

Left to Right: Bill Erasmus, Former Chief AFN Dene Nation, Angela Norris, Manager ITI Client Services and Community Relations, Chris Reeves  Director, Socio-Economic Development and Indigenous Relations EllisDon


The FNMPC The First Nations Major Projects Coalition is a collective group of First Nations, both elected and hereditary, who have made the decision to come together to advance shared interests.  The FNMPC is working to advance the capacity needs of members in the broad areas of economic participation and environmental stewardship. Through this work, the FNMPC is creating pathways to reconciliation by advancing opportunities for to obtain ownership stakes in major projects that run through their territories by advocating for sovereign loan guarantees and establishing economic models that would increase Indigenous participation in major developments.

Read more here:  https://fnmpc.ca/about-fnmpc/

This is the first time the GNWT has participated in an FNPMC event.   The Gwich’in Development Corporation, and the Tlicho government also participated in the event. Acho Dene Koe, is a member of the FNMPC