Inuvik hits play on Filming and Photography Policy

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March 19, 2019

Just south of the tree line in the boreal flats on the most easterly channel of the famous Mackenzie Delta, Inuvik awaits the world. Famous for the Our Lady of Victory Church (The Igloo Church), friendly people, the annual reindeer crossing, muskrat festival and the midnight sun, it’s no wonder Inuvik is a filmmaker’s dream.

Producers and media companies are lining up to capture the unique town and its surrounding environment; even more since the completion of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway.  So with the help of the NWT Film Commission, Inuvik has developed its first Filming and Photography Policy.

Photo: Terry Parker


Having a policy in place demonstrates to production companies that the town is prepared and what its expectations are in relation to film projects in the town. The Inuvik policy addresses subjects such as local spending, promotional opportunities, safety and respectful practices.  It creates clear and agreed-upon terms for companies who want to film in the area.

Jackie Challis, Director of Tourism & Economic Development for the Town of Inuvik says the NWT Film Commission was integral in supporting the Town of Inuvik as it drafted its first Filming and Photography Policy recently approved by Inuvik Town Council.

“It is through partnerships and by leveraging the expertise of the NWT Film Commission that the Town of Inuvik and the rest of the Western Arctic can look forward to realizing its exciting potential as a destination for future film and photography projects.”

Direct benefits can include increases in tourism, local hiring and contracting, and the promotion of local culture, traditions and arts.  

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Through partnerships and collaborations with local governments, organizations and industry, the NWT Film Commission promotes the NWT as a destination for film productions that will serve to advance the growth and capacity of local industry members.