Local farm operator to help support Agriculture Strategy

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July 2, 2019

The newest member of ITI’s team in Hay River is no stranger to the town or the sector he will be working with.  Andrew Cassidy has taken the reins as ITI’s Agriculture and Commercial Food Development Analyst based in the South Slave.

Originally from Yellowknife Andrew also spent time as a youth in Inuvik.  After his parents left the North, Andrew continued to return to the NWT as a summer student.  He fell in love in - and with - Hay River where continues to make his home.

Cassidy not only knows what it takes to run a successful farm in the NWT, he has experience working with the GNWT, Agriculture Marketing Board, Territorial Farmers Association and other not-for profits across the NWT.

In his spare time Andrew still works the family farm (Greenwood Gardens) with his wife and is a regular vender at Hay River’s Fisherman’s Wharf Market on Saturdays.

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Having been a part of the sector himself, Andrew is already known to producers in the Hay River area.  He says he looks forward to visiting and getting to know the rest of the NWT’s agricultural community – and to advancing the GNWT’s Agriculture Strategy (The Business of Food: A Food Production Plan 2017-2022) to expand the agriculture sector; and to increase local food production, increase producer and supplier opportunities and improve distribution networks for NWT food and food related products.

He say he looks forward to serving a sector for which he has developed a personal passion and wants to help others recognize the amazing opportunities that exist for agriculture development in the NWT.