Polar Bear Diamond™ Brand Returns

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The GNWT’s Polar Bear Diamond™ Brand will come out of hibernation this Spring.

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New Bear to Restore NWT Diamond Sparkle

New Polar Bear to Restore NWT Diamond Sparkle

Diamonds de Canada has been awarded the exclusive right to bring the iconic trademark back to the market with its renewed look and feel. Benjamin King, the interim CEO of Diamonds de Canada says the re-emergence of the brand will be about much more than diamonds.

“Our goal is that the Polar Bear Diamond™ Brand becomes synonymous with the Northwest Territories itself; its clean and pristine arctic environment, the richness of its cultures and especially the distinct beauty of its traditional Indigenous artwork,” he says.  

Much like a fine wine that is identified and sought after for qualities reflective of where the grapes are grown, Polar Bear Diamonds will set themselves apart in the market, not only because of their quality, but because of their origin.


A natural diamond from Gahcho Kue.  Cut and polished into a square radiant to showcase the intense brilliance and fire indicative of this location.


“The industry has always said Diamonds Are Forever, King notes, “but not so - our natural resources. Our intent is that polar bear diamonds forever honour and celebrate their individuality and the beauty of the land and environment that created them.”

When it comes to quality, Diamonds de Canada says Polar Bear Diamonds will be considered an ultra-premium offering in the marketplace.  The NWT-based company plans to cut a limited amount of Polar Bear Diamonds symbolically equal to the number of polar bears in Canada today.  With at least one new Polar Bear design every year, they plan to include unique and distinguishable lines associated with each of the NWT’s diamond mines.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a grading report from the American Gem Society Lab will accompany each Polar Bear Diamond.


A natural fancy yellow diamond from Ekati.  If you need more- oval brilliant cut and polished to concentrate the color and bring out the intense brilliance indicative of Canadian diamonds.  

Today’s consumer wants proof of the path their diamond has taken, from when and where it was mined, cut and polished, to their eventual purchase,” King notes.

In addition to the stones themselves, King anticipates that the Polar Bear Diamond brand will become a platform for the promotion of local Indigenous art and craftsmanship.

Diamonds de Canada will collaborate with local artists and their products to promote their new brand on a national scale through social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


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