Tourism Risk Management Course Takes Test-Run in Inuvik

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The best tourism experiences are the ones that happen safely – that was the message of a Risk Management Course delivered in Inuvik on February 13.

The one-day pilot course was organized by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) and delivered by an On the Land Specialist at the NWT Recreation and Parks Association. The training included an overview of what risk management is, why it is important for tourism operators to foster a culture of risk management in their daily operations, and an introduction to creating a risk management plan.

The course was a test-run, in part, to solicit input from participants to improve and refine its content for future delivery. ITI’s Tourism Resource and Program Coordinator, Nancy Mullick, says the training has real-world applications that makes it especially beneficial for tourism operators. “The extraordinary climate, conditions and terrain that make the NWT an incredible place to explore can also make it challenging; which is why safety plans and risk management training is so important for our tourism industry.”

Several participants were invited to attend the program including a long-time guide and Elder; a new operator offering on the land experiences; two Parks Canada representatives; and a town representative and event/festival coordinator.

Visitor safety is one of the keys to ensuring the reputation of the Northwest Territories as a tourist destination. This year the Department of ITI is making safety planning a part of all applications for tourism licenses.  It provides an opportunity for the Department to work with tourism operators to address risks through effective safety planning.  The risk management course supports this work and is applicable to both seasoned operators as a refresher as well as those who are new to the industry.   

Click here to learn more about applying for a NWT Tourism Operator License.

The tourism sector offers one of the strongest opportunities to grow and diversify the NWT economy.  In 2015/16, the territory welcomed 93,910 visitors, an increase of 11% over the previous year.  ITI is committed to working with NWT tourism operators to ensure they have the training and skills required to take full economic advantage of the opportunities provided in their industry.