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NWT Manufactured Products Policy

The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to building a diversified, sustainable territorial economy by providing support for business and economic development throughout the NWT.

The Northwest Territories Manufactured Products Policy gives incentive to local production and manufacturing of goods for the use of the GNWT under the Business Incentive Policy (BIP). BIP-registered businesses may apply to have their NWT-made goods registered as an Approved NWT Manufactured Product.

What makes a product eligible for consideration?

  • Manufacturing is defined as the transformation of materials or substances into new products. Assembly is considered manufacturing, when one or more of the major component parts are manufactured in the manufacturer’s Northwest Territories (NWT) facility. The manufactured product must be product specific and is an item that is regularly stocked or part of a catalog of items. The manufactured product must be produced in their NWT facility.

What is the purpose?

  • Through its policy, the GNWT encourages local manufacturing as a means to diversify the NWT economy and foster and grow jobs and income from the production of manufactured NWT goods.

How does this policy work?

  • In order to benefit from the NWT Manufacturers Products Policy, your product must be recognized as an approved NWT Manufactured Product.
  • If there is only one manufacturer, preference will be given to the recognized NWT manufactured product.
  • If there is more than one, both manufacturers will be invited to bid.

Do I qualify?

  • Your company must be registered under the GNWT’s Business Incentive Program (BIP)
  • Your product must have at least 25% of its value added in the NWT.
  • Your product must be priced within 20% of a similar product FOB at its manufacturing site or within 25% its final delivery.

The Department of Industry,  Tourism and Investment maintains a registry of approved manufactured goods as part of the BIP Registry.

To register your northern manufactured product, download the application form below.

Contact your regional Economic Development Officer with any inquiries.