Support for Arts

(Photo: Fishscale artwork by Jennifer Buckley, Hay River)

The Government of the Northwest Territories provides support programs that are delivered by the Departments of Industry, Tourism, and Investment (ITI) and Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE). Financial supports help build and strengthen the NWT’s unique and creative arts culture.

The NWT Arts Program

  •  The NWT Arts Program promotes arts and fine crafts to local, national and international markets. Program registration is free to all NWT artists including those in traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts and film/new media.

Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (SEED)

  • SEED offers contributions to small businesses and entrepreneurs including artists. The Micro Business Program includes funding allocated for the arts which can be used for tools, equipment, travel and shipping assistance, and marketing.
  • Funding has also been allocated to support film development and production within the NWT.

Hide and Fur Program

  • The Hide and Fur Program supports NWT artisans by ensuring a supply of raw materials at affordable prices.

Support for Northern Performers

  • NWT performers who are touring, or organizations planning a festival or an event which promotes NWT performers, may be eligible to receive financial assistance for performance fees, travel, food, accommodation, and administrative or production costs.

Northern Film and Media Arts Contributions

  • Established NWT cultural organizations can receive funding for:
    • The development of emerging artists and technical practitioners,
    • The creation and presentation of Northern film and media arts and;
    • Activities or programs which promote Northern film and media arts.

Northern Theatre Arts Focus on Youth Contributions

  • Established NWT cultural organizations can receive funding for:
    • Youth theatre programs (K-12) which provide an orientation to the world of theatre,
    • The development of theatre artists and practitioners and;
    • The development of export-ready northern cultural theatre productions.

Northern Arts Mentorship Contributions

  • Financial support is provided to NWT artists, craftspeople, performers, and cultural organizations providing financial support to create teaching and learning opportunities for those who desire to gain technical skills and knowledge.

Northern Literary Arts Contributions

  • This program supports NWT writers by providing financial assistance to:
    • Publish and distribute NWT creative writing;
    • Encourage development of emerging NWT authors through workshops;
    • Create and develop activities, programs, and resources to promote literacy and literary arts.

NWT Arts Council

  • The NWT Arts Council provides contributions to NWT artists and organizations which fund creative artistic projects in film and media arts, music and performing arts, visual arts, crafts and writing, as well as for creative skills development and presentation.

For more information, please view the Guide to Arts Funding below, contact your regional office.

PDF icon A Guide to Arts Funding 1.36 MB