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Tourism Training Resources

Business, Market and Trade Ready (BMT)

Learn what it takes to get “Ready” to promote and sell your tourism product to travellers from around the world to the Northwest Territories.

  • Business-ready refers to a tourism business that has all of its licences, permits and insurance in place in order to operate legally.
  • Market-ready describes a tourism business that has operated for two years or more and selling direct to the visitor.
  • Trade-ready means that a tourism business is selling their tourism experiences through third party Distribution Sales Channels to reach even more visitors.

The BMT- Ready program and tools help tourism suppliers better understand how applying standards can enable their business to access new marketing and distribution sales channels when they develop their policies, and administer their sales to meet expected service standards. .

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the program, participants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid Tourism Operator Licence
  • A business, collective or organization that is engaged in the tourism sector

Having a business plan is an asset, but not a requirement for the program.

Why you should take the training

  • Knowing when and how to reach travellers while they plan their holiday is essential to making sure they budget time and money to take your tour, visit your attraction or stay with you. Whether selling direct to consumers or through travel trade channels, this training helps you meet your client’s expectations while gaining confidence to close the sale.
  • Completion of this training program will help demonstrate your readiness to participate in applicable marketing programs and initiatives. 

How to take the training

An online version of the program where tourism operators can learn independently and at their own pace is available at:

Completing each module and doing all the suggested activities may take from 2 - 5 hours.

ITI also organizes workshops for the tourism industry upon request. If your organization or community would like to book a workshop, contact your Regional ITI Office:

North Slave Regional Office

Tel: (867) 767-9212 Email:

South Slave Regional Office

Tel: (867) 872-8046 Email:

Dehcho Regional Office

Tel: (867) 695-7500 Email:

Sahtu Regional Office

Tel: (867) 587-7171 Email:

Beaufort Delta Regional Office

Tel: (867) 777-7196 Email:


NWT Tourism

Tel: 1-800-661-0788; (867) 873-5007 Email:

More information about the BMT-Ready Standards and the training program is available here.  

Both the market ready and travel trade ready  training include a certificate of completion which should be provided to your destination marketing organizations when seeking to be recognized as market or trade ready.