ITI Tourism Training Resources

Tourism Training Resources

The Department of Industry Tourism and Investment provides a variety of training resources for professional development within the tourism industry. 

These resources are designed to increase capacity within the largest renewable resource-based industry in the Northwest Territories and offer opportunities for communities to capitalize on the opportunities our spectacular location offers.

The following resources are currently available for both aspiring and current tourism operators:

NorthernMost Host

NorthernMost Host is a two-day customer service workshop that prepares participants to welcome visitors and guests to the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Setting up a Community Walking Tour Business

For anyone looking to set up a tourism business in their community, a community walking tour is a great place to start.

Welcome NWT

Welcome NWT is an informative, three-hour tourism hospitality workshop that focuses on quality customer service training. Throughout the session, participants will learn how to be effective and welcoming hosts through excellent customer service.

Business, Market and Trade Ready (BMT)

Learn what it takes to be "Ready" to promote and sell your tourism product to visitors from all over the world who visit the Northwest Territories.

Through this online training program, you will learn how to make your product “Business-Ready,” “Market-Ready,” and “Trade-Ready!”

Starting a Tourism Business

A half-day introductory workshop aimed at inspiring and informing interested entrepreneurs about what it takes to start a tourism business in the Northwest Territories. The workshop covers topics such as, the current tourism market, the legal requirements of starting a tourism business, and potential funding opportunities.

Tourism Business Development

This one-day workshop is designed for people looking to start a tourism business or existing tourism operators who want to expand their existing operations by adding new products. The course focuses on the tools required to develop a refined tourism operation.

Tourism Business Planning

This 1-2 day workshop, designed for NWT Tourism businesses, works through the Tourism Business Planning workbook to provide operators with the tools necessary to create a basic business plan.

Tourism Training Workbooks

These self-guided, easy-to-follow workbooks are free to use and cover all the tools and strategies to help you start or grow your business. The topics covered are:

Risk Management Training

The safety of visitors and tourism employees is a top priority for the NWT tourism industry. This one-day session focuses on the concept, the value, and the different components of risk management.

Marine Safety Training

The Department of Industry, Tourism, and Investment provides funding for boat safety, drowning prevention training, and first aid training.