Tourism Operator Licencing

If you offer guided commercial tourism activities in the Northwest Territories, you are considered a tourism operator under the Tourism Act and require a Tourism Operator Licence.  

Regional ITI Licence Administrators are responsible for licensing NWT Tourism Operators, and fulfilling consultation requirements on all new or amended licences. Regional Tourism Officers are responsible for the enforcement of the Tourism Act and Regulations.

Tourist Operator Licences are issued through ITI’s regional offices.

For a copy of the Tourism Operator's Licensing Manual, click here

How do I Apply?

Fill out the application below

Information that will ease your application process:

  • Specific tourism activities and trip itinerary for each activity
    • Coordinates, maps, names of lakes and rivers etc.
  • List of equipment used in your tourism activities
  • Full names of your guides and employees
  • Your public liability insurance information
  • Proof that you have required licenses. (i.e. Big Game Outfitter or Municipal Business licenses)

For more information contact Tourism and Parks or your regional ITI office.