Programs and Services

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Funding for community governments and NGOs for innovative tourism infrastructure projects.
A public, comprehensive database of government contracting to support accountability and transparency.
Economic Development Officer, Northwest Territories, Sahtu, South Slave, North Slave, Beaufort Delta, Deh Cho
A network of experienced, knowledgeable staff to connect you to valuable information, contacts, and support to help you succeed.
Assorted Food on Table
Help for you to adopt systems and processes to reduce food safety risks and improve market access for your agriculture project
Guaranteed Advance, Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur, Fur Trade, Business Assistance
A program providing one-window-access to international fur auction markets for NWT-harvested furs.
Finished Diamonds
A program guaranteeing high-quality, ethically produced diamonds are exported from the Northwest Territories.
Wolverine Furs
A program to provide traditional materials such as seal, beaver, moose, and caribou at reasonable prices to traditional artists.
Farmer With Potato Truck
Helping your agriculture business increase its competitiveness with marketing support and shipping cost subsidies.
Winnie's Craft Shop
Targeted support and funding for micro businesses to help your project get off the ground; regardless of industry.
Small Mine Site
A program providing funding to prospectors and exploration companies for exploration projects.
NWT Arts Logo
A free program to promote arts and fine crafts to local, national, and international markets.
Filming on Scene of Ice Pilots NWT
A government partnership to strengthen the film industry in the Northwest Territories.
Pat Kane Photo, Camera Person Filming in Arctic
A program to assist in funding for productions filming on-location in the NWT
Manufacturing, Northwest Territories, Business, Local Production
Incentives for local production and manufacturing of goods for the use of the GNWT under the Business Incentive Policy (BIP).
Supporting immigration for the betterment of labour and business development in the NWT.
NWT Hydrocarbon Potential Map Preview
The Petroleum Resources Division provides geospatial information regarding hydrocarbon potential for public and industry.
NWT Valley Photo
Everything related to managing development of onshore oil and gas resources in the Northwest Territories.
Traditional Dene Patterns
Support for pricing your unique creations when they are put to market.